somaly hay
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About Somaly Hay & Company

My name is Somaly Hay, I came to the United States as a refugee from Cambodia.

I was a Cambodian Royal court dancer before more than half of my family including my parents, died in the communist Khmer killing field’s war.

For over 30 years of performing and teaching dance, took its toll on my knees and prompted me to seek out new ventures.  In addition to my God-given talent as a choreographer, now I am busy writing books, designing handbags; t-shirts; jewelry and other related items.

I am fortunate to be able to have my products made in Cambodia and Vietnam, providing jobs for those who have had less opportunity than I have had.  Some of the hardware and materials I use are from neighbor countries to Cambodia and are very beautiful.

I am very grateful for the opportunities and freedom that America has given me.

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My Shop

Somaly Hay & Co. sells handbags, clothing and accessories that are designed by Owner Somaly Hay and made in Cambodia. Unique jewelry pieces are cut from real Cambodian stone. Other products include statues, baskets, paintings, and photographs.

 Somaly Hay & Company  | 13 Golden Street | New London, CT | 860-319-5275